Coronation shopping plaza has been in business for over 35 years, the mall has coined a name for itself as a unique shopping mall that continues to attract thousands of loyal regulars. In fact, it is among the few that have successfully managed to stand the tests of time and stiff competition from upcoming malls.

Constructed in 1979, Coronation shopping plaza is a four story building comprising 111 shop and office units located on the first three floors. On the fourth floor, there are 20 apartments with a spacious car pack at the basement. The unique feature of the mall is one of the key attractions that always drive many shoppers into it. To make the mall even more appealing and friendly, the management has constantly done renovations by revamping the walls, installing new lifts and ramps.

Coronation shopping plaza is located on 587, Bukit Timah Road, 269707 in District 10, Singapore. The mall is primarily used for shop rental and office space. It is home to quite a number of businesses, some of which have been in operation for more than ten years.

The mall is a shopping paradise that offers a wide range of products and services for day-to-day and prolonged use. It has a supermarket and several other small shops and offices from where customers can acquire dental services, stationery, tailoring services, sports equipment and gear, clothing among others. The mall also boasts an array of offices used by employment agencies and tuition centers.

You can also visit Coronation shopping plaza for beauty and spa services, photography and printing. Besides, there are also banks within the mall that can be used by shoppers as well as other customers who may only require banking services. Even if you may not want to shop, you can still walk into Coronation shopping plaza for lunch or dinner. The mall is home to several eateries offering a wide range of the finest authentic and mouth-watering cuisines. The restaurants here offer only the best Malaysian, local and Japanese dishes. In fact, Coronation shopping plaza is the right place to check into when looking for the best popiah and teriyaki.

Most of the businesses here like, the tailoring shops, clothing stores and eateries have been operating in the building for many years. As a result of this, many understand the varying needs of customers and have always delivered the best products and services. Besides, the customer service offered at the mall is also above the cut, which always leaves customers satisfied. This is also a key aspect that has enabled the mall to retain a good number of loyal regular customers over the years.

The shops and offices within the shopping mall are accorded a very unique and exquisite design that makes them feel very comfortable and welcoming. Besides, the setting of the units is also quite spacious for easy movements around. Coupled with the wide range of products and services, there is always no doubt you will enjoy every moment of your shopping trip to Coronation shopping plaza.

Besides, it is also quite easier to access considering the mall is close to MRT stations and bus stops. You can access the shopping mall through Bukit Timah Road, Farrer Road and Coronation Road. There are also several amenities strategically located around the mall including grocery stores, banks, eateries among others to ensure that all your needs are within reach. By visiting Coronation shopping mall, you will always have the opportunity to do all the shopping under one roof without running up and down in search of different products and services.

The business owners at Coronation shopping plaza have quite a good rapport with most customers, impacted by the impeccable customer service. This is proof even new customers can always expect the best shopping experience at the mall. Despite the simple architectural design of Coronation shopping plaza, it offers so much more that will make your shopping trip quite enjoyable, cheaper and convenient.