Miao Yi Vegetarian restaurant

Most people are usually very reluctant to visit a vegetarian restaurant. However, Miao Yi Vegetarian restaurant is one of a kind that offers the real meal. It is not only known for great tasting vegan diets but also considered a gem by many who have set foot into the establishment. Formerly located at the Coronation shopping plaza, the restaurant has relocated to People’s Park Center, from where you can enjoy the finest vegetarian dishes.

Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant serves a variety of local fare prepared in vegetarian-style, and lots of ��mock’ meats. In fact, there are plenty of vegan dishes on the menu that you can enjoy including, Asian and Chinese. Meals at the restaurant usually start with prickled cabbage, served as an appetizer. It tastes slightly sour but offers a great kick-start to your meal.

The restaurant’s mock pig is described by many as it signature dish. It’s served in crusty deep fried slices, made up of mushrooms and beancurd skin wrapped in fresh lettuce and cucumber. You can also choose to deep the slices of mock meat in sweet soy sauce for great taste. The fresh vegetables served with this dish just blows up the flavor to a whole new level.

The yam ring is also another good meal that you can order at Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant. The ring not only looks but is crispy with a soft filling on the inside. Below the ring, there are glass noodles to complement the taste and flavor. The Spicy prawns are also another specialty of the restaurant that you can sample. The prawns are served covered in chilli and bits of soy beans.

Saute Spinach is also on the restaurant’s menu, and a good vegan dish to try out. The spinach is not too soft or hard but just prepared to the right texture with a little flavor. If you may not like spinach, you can still try the saute broccoli. Unlike other places where you will find badly stir-fried broccoli, this one is made to the perfect crunchy texture. To stir up the taste, the broccoli is lightly flavored.

Venison served with broccoli is also another dish to sample at the restaurant. The broccoli is half cooked to give it a crunchy texture. The venison on the other hand, is quite tasty that you will eat all the pieces.

Even if you need something else that is more filling, the assorted noodles could make a good pick. These E noodles have a unique taste that you will no doubt love to the last bit. It’s served with lots of vegetables for a complete meal. The restaurant’s mock curry mutton is yet another flavorsome dish that you should try. To most meat loves, this could make the perfect vegan meal, with just enough spices to bring out the real look, feel and taste.

There are lots of other vegan dishes that you can still enjoy at Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant all day. The restaurant serves great tasting and flavorsome brunch, lunch and dinner. Doors open every day from 1 April at People’s Park Center.